This is the beginning of a dream.

Cynthia Fetzer has been teaching thousands of people the basics of the art of sewing for a dozen years in South Florida. While teaching, her students have told her their wants and desires from the sewing community.  Not only has she taught her students, the students have taught her. She's ready to take what they've taught her to another level in the community and industry bringing it into the future and building a brand in a whole new way.

Every dream has a beginning and this is the start of a dream changing the sewing community, bringing it together, making it fun and taking it into the future giving back to the youth who have a great desire to be creative and learn an art that has been taken away from many families and communities many years ago. Cynthia's sewing studio was successful for many years and she would like to bring that success all over the country giving back to the public.

There are 3 divisions of ASC
         American Sewing Club Schools
        Pair Up Program
        Travel Program

The public want to learn sewing and anything to do with the industry, from where to get their sewing machine fixed; where to buy sewing machines, fabrics and everything they need for their projects; how to start a business; how to open a sewing school;  where are the sewing schools to the states they're moving; how to go to manufacturing; how to be a designer.

Through memberships, American Sewing Club will help open sewing schools all over the country offering support through daily forums, videos, training, classes, travel, and internet. Annual Memberships to help promote your existing business being part of the one place community.

ASC will help you promote your school and business through its TV show. Each episode will go to different parts of the country and visit club members business learning what they offer, what they do and how they offer their services. There will also be a segment of each episode which will be giving sewing technique. 

Because many students want to start the business and go to manufacturing ASC has a Pair Up Program to help start the process.  Student members will have access to manufacturers to get them started building their business.

Through the Travel Club, we will be going in groups on different trips to learn about the industry and communities in different part of the country. We will go to NYC for fashion week and cruises to exotic places while we learn some sewing techniques.

Chasing Dreams


Creating relationships between the designer/ entrepreneurs and the manufacturing community. 

Our Mission

ASC can make all your dreams come true by bringing together a community and industry all in one place giving you your desires for success.

We help you start and market your business, help you manufacture, classes to learn and clubs to have fun.

Pair UpProgram

Here is an opportunity to do something that will  Impact The Community!
With budget cuts to every school system cross America there is a great need to teach the art of sewing to the next generation.
Open a SEWING SCHOOL in your area.

Sewing Schools


American Sewing Club

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