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American Sewing Club

American Sewing Club

A community where the art of sewing is brought to a new level for you through business, design, learning, travel ~ but must of all having fun and enjoy the process that the art brings.


Throughout the years in our sewing classes there have been many students wanting to take their idea or product to market but don't know where to begin.

America Sewing Club PAIR UP PROGRAM will put you in contact with the right people to produce your product. 

We create relationships for success pairing up partners who want to be successful together.

In the PAIR UP PROGRAM there are many options of support and help depending on the needs of the client.

Pair Up Program

Creating relationships between the designer/entrepreneurs and the manufacturer companies.

JOIN THE PROGRAM as a Designers/Entrepreneurs  or Manufacturer Company


Do you have an idea or design you would like to take to market and sell but have no idea how to get started? The American Sewing Club Pair Up Program is what you need.

We have many options for you to work with depending on your needs. From walking you step by step through the process teaching you what to do, to offering you less services if you don't need the hand holding. Depending on your needs decides our relationship and fees charged. We want to make all your dreams come true turning them into successes.

All program members must sign contracts to protect all parties through this process. Each case has it's own level of expectations and concerns which determines the membership level and fees required to become a member of the program.


Becoming a member of the AMERICAN SEWING CLUB PAIR UP PROGRAM can add a benefit to your company giving the many leads our sewing schools have into your business.

It's been our experience throughout the years teaching the art of sewing, there are many people looking for you but they don't know how to find you. We want to help the many people needing your services find you.

Join the program. Let us know what you are able to produce and how your company works with clients.

When  the many of people looking for your expertise need you, we can pair you up with them to create business.

JOIN THE PROGRAM as a Designers/Entrepreneurs  or Manufacturer Company

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