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Cynthia Fetzer has been involved in the fashion world since the early 80's. She been a successful in her sewing business for years. She has a proven way to make it easy for the student to learn in their busy schedules. Her system allows the business to make as much money as they desire with the time put in. She's had people travel from all over the country to learn from her. Learn from her years of expirence and knowing what the students wants to learn by becoming a member of the American Sewing Club.

American Sewing Club can make all your dreams come true by bringing together a community and industry all in one place giving you your desires for success.

We help you start your business promote your existing business, offer help in manufacturing, schools with classes to learn and clubs to have fun.

Proven new way of running a profitable sewing business, keep the art of sewing alive and having fun while we learn, grow and creating.

BECOME A PART OF The next generations way of sewing community.